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May 5 2009, 04:09 PM
Does ABC have the date or description wrong for the GH episode or something? If I recall right, Michael was shot in April....I doubt it took them all the way until July to get him to the hospital...not even JER's writing was that slow. :P
LOL - you're right! The ABC press release has it wrong. They're saying it's episode 11529 which aired on 7/7/08. But 11529 aired on 4/7/08.

Here is the ABC episode description:

"General Hospital" Episode #11529 (original air date 7/7/08) -- News of Michaelís shooting quickly spreads as heís rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, Jason urges Carly to pull herself together and stay strong for Michael. Patrick informs Carly and Sonny that Michael is in critical condition with a bullet lodged in his head and will need surgery. Patrick refuses to allow Robin to assist him in the operating room as sheís too emotionally tied to Michael. Sonny takes his misplaced anger out on Jason. Carly accuses Sonny of being the one who didnít protect their son. Lulu and Johnny make love but then head to the hospital after Spinelli informs them about Michael. Lucky tells Alexis that it appears as though Michael was hit by a ricochet bullet that was probably meant for Sonny. Jerry confronts Ian and threatens to kill him. Johnny and Claudia are horrified by what they've done.

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