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Please link to DR.

This week's SOW features an interview with Galen Gering.

Sami and Rafe take Grace to a doctor's appointment, and Sami sees Dr. Baker and Nicole there. Sami leaves with Grace and doesn't say anything to Rafe. Gering explains that "[Rafe] realizes something weird is going on, but he doesn't know exactly what it is." Rafe runs after Sami, but he tries to not call attention to her.

Rafe follows Sami back to her apartment, where Gering says she is "freaking out" about Dr. Baker and Nicole. Sami is very worried that someone will find out that Grace is really Sami and EJ's baby. Rafe tells her not to worry, because Dr. Baker is bound by doctor-patient confidentiality.

Rafe's words fail to calm Sami down, however, so Rafe tells Sami that he'll take care of things. He tells her he'll go talk to Dr. Baker and make sure that he keeps Sami's secret.

Rafe finds Dr. Baker right before two "thugs" are going to beat him up! Gering explains that "it all happens so fast, there's no time for Rafe to think about what's going on". Gering says that Rafe is thinking, "This guy is obviously in need of a favor, and so am I." Rafe then fights off Dr. Baker's two attackers. Rafe then asks Dr. Baker some questions, but Gering explains that Dr. Baker "gives [Rafe] attitude". Rafe is incredulous since he just saved Dr. Baker's life! Rafe tells Dr. Baker he can have the two guys come back and finish Dr. Baker off, and then Dr. Baker explains to Rafe that he has gambing debts.

Rafe then asks Dr. Baker to please keep the fact that he delivered Sami's baby a secret. Dr. Baker agrees and tells Rafe that in any case, Rafe has no need to worry because he is leaving town.

Later, Rafe tells Sami that Dr. Baker is leaving Salem, so she has nothing to worry about. Gering explains that "Rafe's saved the day again", and Sami is very grateful. Gering concludes by saying that Sami and Rafe both don't want EJ to find out about Grace, because EJ will raise the baby as a DiMera. "Sami and Rafe both want Grace to have a chance. That is what is motivating all of this."

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