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This week's SOD features a short interview with Wes Ramsey, and this week's SOW features an interview with Shelley Hennig.

Victor throws a spur-of-the-moment engagement party for Stephanie and Philip. Caroline comes to the party, and she's shocked that her granddaughter is engaged to a Kiriakis. She warns Stephanie about what her life will be like if she marries Philip. She tries to change Stephanie's mind, but Stephanie remains firm in her commitment to Philip.

Caroline leaves, but Philip has seen her talking with Stephanie. Hennig explains that Philip "pretty much assumes what Caroline said to her. It's written all over her face." Philip tells Stephanie that they will have guards around the clock, but Stephanie is still worried, because even though Philip had guards in the hospital, someone still tried to kill him.

However, SOW explains that Stephanie's worry is well-founded, since Owen, the Kiriakis gardener, is actually an employee of the DiMeras. "He's a double agent!", Ramsey tells SOD. "For a couple of years, he's been spying on the Kiriakis family. It was kept very secretive between Stefano and Owen." Owen tells EJ about Philip and Stephanie's engagement, and EJ tells Owen what his next move should be. Owen then returns to the Kiriakis mansion, and he drugs Stephanie's glass of lemonade.

However, Hennig explains that Philip drinks the lemonade, not Stephanie. "It's like a French farce," says Ramsey. Philip then says he's not feeling well, so he goes upstairs to bed.

Stephanie then goes out to the terrace, where she sees Owen. However, Melanie arrives and begins confronting Stephanie about Stephanie's unease in being engaged to Philip. "Steph doesn't want to hear it and tells Melanie it's none of her business", Hennig explains. Philip then walks out. He's heard some of the conversation, and he's upset about it. He tells Melanie to leave.

Stephanie and Philip go back inside, and then Philip "starts going off on [Stephanie]," Hennig says. Philip tells Stephanie that he knows she doesn't want to marry him, and Hennig says "he's acting all angry and weird." They have a huge argument, and Stephanie finally tells Philip, "Well, maybe we shouldn't get married." Stephanie is very upset and goes back outside.

At that point, Owen sneaks up behind Stephanie and chloroforms her! Ramsey says, "Owen's gut told him not to do it, he didn't want to do it, but EJ threatened his life." SOW explains that "the next time viewers see [Stephanie], she's lying on a slab in a morgue." Hennig says that Stephanie "wakes up in a cramped place and she's claustrophobic. She doesn't know what is going on."

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