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May 6 2009, 04:23 PM
I got a question for regular watchers. How the hell is this story going to end? Are they just going to get tired of these kidnappings and say to hell with it? It'll be so lame if someone gets hurt ... cause there is no one the show now they'd kill off, and then both decide it's best to end things. I only see a lame ending to this "story"

Please enlighten me to better avenues you think are possible.
My guess?

It won't end. My feeling all along was that they wanted to set the stage for EJ to become Stefano. That is why they put him in a story where both women in his life are lying to him and why they had him slowly work his way back to his dark side.

He is now positioned to be the next big villain in Salem, just as he was when he first came on. My feeling is that Stefano will either be killed off or just written out and this will just keep continuing on like the Brady/Dimera stuff because it provides a dramatic backdrop for the show. Outside of that, I have no idea what else may happen.

As for this, it sounds good. I will admit that I've always suspected that they may try a Steve/Kayla like story with Owen and Stephanie if they have chemistry and take off. I love Philip and Stephanie but I have to admit that I have my doubts about them in the future. As always, I'm open to things so we'll see but whoever said it sounds like this could be Steve and Kayla redux is likely right. Owen seems conflicted so they are already showing signs of his good side.

I also like what they've done with Melanie. They took her out of the story for awhile to make her likable to others and now they are slowly working her back in. I'm excited about where things are going here.

I also like the use of history with Caroline. Can't wait for those scenes. Yes, Steve and Kayla should be here and it's likely they will mention them but use some sort of excuse like during Philip's shooting. It's really stupid that they just didn't give them some sort of exit. I really don't understand that to this day because they just created problems for themselves.
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