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May 6 2009, 04:36 PM
May 6 2009, 01:59 PM
Dena is dragging this story out waaaaay too long. I think its safe to say that a majority of the fans are sick of it already as well :headbang:
Maybe some of the boards are but the ratings don't indicate that.

When you tell a story like this, you have to build it more and more. You can't rush it. All the beats NEED to be played so that you can set up the repercussions of what happens and new stories for when this one ends. Otherwise, you have nothing for when this story ends. That can't happen.

This story began around Thanksgiving. The baby switch itself began in late January when the babies were actually switched. I still don't see how this is drawn out, especially when you consider there is so much to it. You have Sami's lies and her relationship with Rafe and EJ, you have EJ/Nicole and her lies, Brady's involvement, the feud, etc. There is so much that needs to be played that rushing it would be shoddy writing.

Classic soap is building a story and taking the viewer on a long journey so that when the payoff does come, it's worth it. It has dramatic impact. The story coming to an end now would not do that. It would be like just getting over with. The longer Days builds this, the better it will be and the ratings will likely be better too. Think about the stories in the 90's most notably Kristen's baby scheme. That went on from November 1996-June/July 1997 and the ratings surged and the reveal of that scheme brought Days within .2 of beating Y&R. Days is smart to milk this story and it's proper soap writing to build this story up right.

I'm so happy that Baker will be back. I love him and my feeling is when he returns it will be for the downfall of Nicole. I've always felt that we would build to her downfall around late June or so, maybe even making it the Wimbledon cliffhanger. I still feel that way and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.
I actually agree with everything you say - I'm not bored with this story yet. I don't think its going too slow or too fast. Its got lots of beats to play and it playing them out in a natural way - not forced, rushed or purposely slow.

But I was also thinking one reason that this story is working for me so well is because of Nicole/Ari. She really brings it in every scene and keeps me engaged almost all the time. I do think that for viewers not so enamoured with Nicole, it might be a borefest though - I can see that. Luckily I'm not one of them!
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