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May 6 2009, 06:16 PM
May 6 2009, 05:15 PM
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May 6 2009, 04:27 PM

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It's obvious the only thing Days is doing is making as many fanbases as possible and when one of the actors finally quits out of sheer boredom ... a la Jay Johnson in the Broe/Phloe triangle, only then will things commence ... maybe.
I agree but I think itīs a good thing. I can honestly say I donīt have any favorite couple right now and watch just for the stories and itīs amazing how different experience it makes. I like Phillip and Stephanie, but at the same time donīt have trouble to admit she is not the most exciting person on earth and Iīm as much excited for the little Mel/Phillip adventure Molly Burnett spoiled in her interview. I do think Sami and EJ still have a chemistry but Iīm really enjoying the classic slow romantic way they are building Rafe and Sami as well. Iīm excited with Nicol and Brady but if he gets involved with Arianna before, why not.

I think what the show does very well is the "nobody is perfect" notion which puts all the variants on more even ground. Itīs still heavily couplebased, which I think is the key to its recent relative rating success, but there are no supercouples anymore, just normal couples and characters with all kinds of imperfections. It doesnīt have the pull to make me obsessed fan like during J/Jīs heyday and few other times, but it also doesnīt make me so frustrated and angry and spitefull like when things didnīt go well for my couple. Iīm now open to all variant and as long as the show still entertains me Iīm fine.
Wonderful post.

I like how wide open the canvas is. Sure, you have couples the show wants you to root for but you can tell that they are open to other pairings too. You don't feel like the show is locked in to only way of thinking and that is a good thing because that makes things more unpredictable. That is the best thing about the show right now. The unpredictability. The show may be using old school and cliched soap stories but the directions it's been taking stories and characters in has been unexpected at times. Who would've thought back when the baby switch and the whole thing with Stephanie/Philip/Melanie and the fuel story started that it would all tie into and intersect into this this feud story? It's been exciting to see unfold and the show has done a good job of intertwining most of it's stories on the canvas.
That's because they've destroyed pretty much all the couples except Bo and Hope. :)

What's left behind, however, has actually been a pretty decent show. I'm not exactly the craziest about Steph and Phil, but given the hands dealt Days (Darin Brooks leaving, etc.) this was probably the best way to go for the soap.

I've been wanting them to do a DiMera vs. Kiriakis story for a long time, and so far it's been good (well, except for one thing... losing Thaao stunk.)
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