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May 7 2009, 10:20 AM
May 6 2009, 10:09 PM
May 6 2009, 09:18 PM
May 6 2009, 04:15 PM

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I can tell you how that rape banner was baiting. It was started by Safe fans (now they might have been former Lumi fans, most are). The banner was started when Sami got back to Salem and it was again clear that Ejami still had feelings for each other. Ejami fans were posting positive, well expressed posts. So they made this banner to push the "rape" again. And in their thread, they admitted that the banner was to get to the Ejamis - it was the sole purpose. And then one poster went on the Lumi thread and tried to recruit Lumis in voting for Safe in a thread opened for a "fair count" of Ejami and Safe fans. Good thing there are still many true Lumi fans. So the "rape" banner was created under the pretense of indignation against the act "in real life" but in fact it was an attempt against Ejami. Not one thought was considered that there actually are real-life rape victims that are Ejami fans.

That said, it is really sad that adults stoop this low. To an extent, some in all fanbases are guilty of this, but the word "prejudice" comes to mind when it comes to Ejamis.
So you can read the minds of other posters?

Get this, I'm neither a Safe or a Lumi and I fully support anyone's decision to sport a "Rape is not Romance" in protest of any possible ridiculous, tasteless pairing of EJami. IMO, THE RAPE DEFINES EJAMI. According to TPTB, the actors and the characters the rape happened and no one should have to pretend it didn't just because it makes some people uncomfortable.


BTW... the RINR and rape banners have been around well before Rafe entered the picture. Some of the viewers are not going to back a romantic pairing that involved the man raping the woman. The banners make a POINT, it isn't baiting. I understand how they might be upsetting to some EJami fans since it reminds them of something they'd rather just forget or just plain deny altogether.

I could say that the pro EJami banners are baiting to then couldn't I, since I hate the pairing and all. :wink:

EJami's are just as good at baiting as any other fanbase out there.
I am lost here about this banner business because I wasn't around to even know what those RINR banners are and also lost about why anyone would say that Safe fans made and posted them when you said those banners were around before Rafe came on the show. I read where another poster said the banners were not even on this board. I don't understand why anyone is arguing about this. Oh well. Thank you for clarifying some of this for me.
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