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It seems to me that going on and on about RINR banners, talking about the intentions behind them, and insuinating all kinds of insulting conclusions, is baiting those who were part of that campaign. I, for one, was part of that campaign because I did not want to see one of my favorite characters romantically paired with the man who raped her. (I also stopped watching OLTL after Todd raped Marty, and concluded that I would NEVER go back when I heard that they recently paired them) As simple as that. If it were for any other reason, wouldn't I feesably be part of some campaign to keep Safe apart? Oh yeah, there is no anti-Safe campaign, because while somewhat boring (to me), I do not find them insulting and offensive.

Anyway ... I'm only going to make one observation and leave it at that. This thread about Safe, has been hijacked by Ejamis, just like every thread about Lumi always was. You'll notice though, that Lumi's do not make every thread about our couple. Just for the record. If this thread is "mostly about Ejami", its because every Ejami on this board came in and made it about them, as usual. Go ahead and blast me now, it won't change the truth. I am not a fan of Safe by any stretch of the imagination, but I can have enough respect for their fans to not challenge them in their own spoiler thread where they would like to enjoy their news.

Oh, and Ponz ... I grow to love you more each day :wub:
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