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May 8 2009, 02:25 PM
May 8 2009, 02:06 PM
never in my life have a seen a newbie character, bring so many newbies onto the canvas, wtf cares about Mia and her friends/family? this is so lame!

TFP, angie!
AMEN :cheer: Not only Mia getting family,its also Rafe getting a sister,and the gardner Owen who kidnaps Steph is getting a father :soapbox: Dena is f>>>ing this show left and right.Instesd of focusing on Salem families,she brings in some that we couldn't give a s**t about. his show is going to implode with the ramming of so many newbies down our throats.Whats next? Doc Baker's niece? :drunk:
While I agree more Horton's are needed, you can't keep bringing on more and more from established families because you run into incest (see Max and his his nieces).

I really don't see where the show is going nuts with this. Mia's cousin could be nothing more then a one day stint or recurring. Owen's father is said to be a limited run and, even if it gets extended, it will likely be recurring.

Rafe has been with the show for months so bringing on someone from his family to give him someone to interact with outside of Sami is a smart move.

In the 80's, they did the same thing with Roman. He came on and then they slowly brought on the Brady family. That is how you keep the canvas fresh and infuse it with new energy. You can't keep circling the drain. New blood is needed. The Horton's are the only core family right now I would like to see expanded a bit more and I think that can work because there won't be much chance of incest unless your pair a Horton with Lucas, Hope, or Will.
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