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May 8 2009, 02:06 PM
never in my life have a seen a newbie character, bring so many newbies onto the canvas, wtf cares about Mia and her friends/family? this is so lame!

TFP, angie!
I do! Seriously, I donīt see where is the problem. There has to be some outside characters besides the main families. And I hope we all agree Will is an important character and he deserves more than some anonymous girlfriend. Besides, Iīm really happy the show decided to use Mia, character we already know something about, rather than create a completely new girl.

I doubt the cousin is a large part, probably just some recurring character so Mia has someone to talk to, to live with and to reflect on the story when she is not with Will. Itīs logical. Itīs the reason why Rafe has now Arianna, why Sami used to have Jamie and Belle Mimi. If they want to make the Will/Mia couple interesting, we need to see what Mia thinks and wants, what she really feels for Will and what are her fears and desires. Just watching today they used Maggie and it was awkward because there is no reason why Maggie should care, nor why Mia should confide in her. If she had the same talk with her cousin it would be perfecly natural.

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