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May 8 2009, 07:53 PM
May 8 2009, 04:13 PM
May 8 2009, 03:58 PM
May 8 2009, 03:19 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep

Note that I have no banner. IMO there is nothing tacky or rude about the RINR banners. If anyone wants to use one they are entitled. I think it is ironic that the EJami fans even have an issue with them. The rape happened. Its part of EJ and Sami's past. IMO it's the most significant thing that had happened to them or will ever happen to them. When I see them together all I can think is, "OMG Sami! That man RAPED YOU!"

I don't need a banner to remind me of it. IMO there is nothing tacky about those banners; if anything is tacky and rude it is the idea of EJami as a romantic couple.

I'm neither a Lumi or a Safe fan and right now I'm only luke warm about EJ and Nicole. My opposition to EJ and Sami as a couple has nothing to do with another pairing. My disgust for them as a couple is solely contingent on their terrible history and the utter lack of romantic or sexual chemistry between the two actors.

Safe might just be 'safe' but today's show was cute and light and just what the show needed and I'm willing to give Sami and Rafe a chance.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. That said, Sami has NEVER acted as a rape victim around EJ since that night. She voluntairily "hung around" him, and befriended him. She VOLUNTAIRILY and without doubt made love to him and then gave birth to their second child (or maybe third). Rape victims do not make love to their rapists. Not to mention that she gravitated towards him even when she was married to Lucas. Forgotten is too, that EJ and Sami were friends, much like Rafe and Sami right now, for a year before that incident. So based on the storylines before and after the so called rape, for those of us that have been watching and following their storyline, Ejami is very much in the right to be a couple. Not everyone HAS to like it, but a great many of us do, and everyone else they are paired with are just "fluff".
Do you think she "voluntarily" married him too?

She didn't hang around him voluntarily after the rape. She didn't want anything to do with him, and told him so many times. Then there was the vendetta, and being blackmailed into marrying him. You know, the whole... marry me or more people in your family will die threat that was directly from EJ. Then there was the threat from Stephano... "nurse my son back to health, or more people in your family will die". Voluntary my behind.

As for how she acted after the rape, moreso after the vendetta crapola was finallly put to rest... that's where the writer's screwed things up royally. She was raped alright, the writers/producers/actors even said it was intentionally written that way. Not sure why the writers didn't follow through with a more appropriate reaction from Sami. Shame on them though.

It also was not love making that night that Sydney was conceived. Far from it. She rebounded to him after Lucas dumped her. Let's not forget that as soon as Lucas was back in the picture, she left EJ laying there in bed, naked, without so much as a backward glance his way. She was in love alright... with Lucas.
Well I was not watching when the vendetta etc or even the rape was on but I've seen it on Youtube and have no doubt about what I was watching and EJ mockery of her and slimy behaviour after the act would never have happened if it had been a deal. Why bother holding the gun on her then...

Anyway I did watch the time that they 'just had sex' and I quote from Sami here and she leapt out of the bed without giving EJ a backward glance to beg Lucas to forgive her and tell him she only went there because he rejected her and told her. She was clear EJ wouldn't have stood a chance if Lucas hadn't told Sami they had no future etc.

Anyway Ejami and Lumi had their couples weddings and divorces already. You've had your romance for Lumi and rapemance for Ejami. Now we are having Safe which is the point of this thread. I loved the first date.

It had been thoughtfully set up, they had a nice time lying down under the stars, a little tickling and a game of scrabble, and Rafe thought Sami was beautiful with dripping hair and washed out make-up what more could a girl ask for? :wub: :wub: :wub:
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