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May 8 2009, 08:38 PM
May 8 2009, 09:51 AM
May 7 2009, 03:14 PM

It's a shame that Days never fully used her talents , same with Blake. They had an awesome younger couple with two of the best younger actors they had in awhile and they blew it. *sigh*
I agree. I started watching Days again in Summer 2006 with S&K's return. The only younger couple that I have really felt invested in was Nick and Chelsea - mainly because of the actors themselves. They were probably the strongest actors of the younger set, including many of the 30-somethings. In addition, to the talent, I actually thought they had some great chemistry. They never felt forced - which is how I feel about 90% of the other younger couples.
What kills me is how Chick wound up getting backburned so Stax (STAX!) could be put front and center. They got a lot of the story I wanted for Chick, an adventure story at the end of TTS and then Stephanie getting jealous of Max and Morgan (who were the better couple IMO). Not to mention the endless love scenes while Chick got none, zero, nothing. And though I do like SH fairly well, I admit her talent is lacking and I always felt that SH and DB together were boring because of their limitations. They both have this urge to overact in dramatic moments. But BB and RM knew how to balance that.

Oh well, it's done, I guess. As I was telling others, there is a special word I've been using for the bitterness Days gives me on lost opportunites or poor storyline decisions. Days Bitterness = Dittered. Totally works for me.
You know it's not so much that Stax was in the forefront . It's more the fact that the characters of Max, Jeremy and Jett backburned Nick. It's a shame since most of these characters were a bust.

Chelsea has always been more in the forefront compared to Steph or any other girl.

It's a shame that they wasted time on Jett/Jeremy. Especially,Jett with Chelsea. It took time away from Chick. You know I always thought that there was more potential to a Jeremy/Chelsea/Nick triangle. The actor that played Jeremy wasn't solid ( he did get better near the end of his run) but I thought the few scenes he had with RM , there was a little something. Also, Nick /Jeremy were cousins and had good chemistry .

But, they wasted Jeremy on Steph. And Jett was just a loser. They got all the couples wrong that summer. *sigh*
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