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Do you think she "voluntarily" married him too?

She didn't hang around him voluntarily after the rape. She didn't want anything to do with him, and told him so many times. Then there was the vendetta, and being blackmailed into marrying him. You know, the whole... marry me or more people in your family will die threat that was directly from EJ. Then there was the threat from Stephano... "nurse my son back to health, or more people in your family will die". Voluntary my behind.

As for how she acted after the rape, moreso after the vendetta crapola was finallly put to rest... that's where the writer's screwed things up royally. She was raped alright, the writers/producers/actors even said it was intentionally written that way. Not sure why the writers didn't follow through with a more appropriate reaction from Sami. Shame on them though
It also was not love making that night that Sydney was conceived. Far from it. She rebounded to him after Lucas dumped her. Let's not forget that as soon as Lucas was back in the picture, she left EJ laying there in bed, naked, without so much as a backward glance his way. She was in love alright... with Lucas.[/

In answer to your question, YES, she married EJ voluntairily. Colleen's "ghost" appeared to her (in the form of her conscience) and told her that she just couldn't deny the man she secretly loved. That she just couldn't stay away from EJ. Not to mention that Lucas offered his help with the vendetta, practically begging her to explore other options to no avail. Sami was determined to marry EJ. There were always the looks, the push and pull, the cat and mouse games, ever since they've met. Exciting, complicated, complex. That's what describes their relationship, and that's why so many of us love it.

As for the banners, here is a post from a Safe fan:

I really hope they hate the banners with a Passion !!
they are like we just use the banners to knock Ejami
well.......um yeah thats the whole point lol
same way they call Rafe creepy except Rafe is anything but creepy
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