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May 8 2009, 09:42 PM
You know it's not so much that Stax was in the forefront . It's more the fact that the characters of Max, Jeremy and Jett backburned Nick. It's a shame since most of these characters were a bust.

Chelsea has always been more in the forefront compared to Steph or any other girl.

It's a shame that they wasted time on Jett/Jeremy. Especially,Jett with Chelsea. It took time away from Chick. You know I always thought that there was more potential to a Jeremy/Chelsea/Nick triangle. The actor that played Jeremy wasn't solid ( he did get better near the end of his run) but I thought the few scenes he had with RM , there was a little something. Also, Nick /Jeremy were cousins and had good chemistry .

But, they wasted Jeremy on Steph. And Jett was just a loser. They got all the couples wrong that summer. *sigh*
True. I guess I should have just said BB got backburned starting fall of 2007. RM, DB and SH were all featured for the sorority storyline and though I understood why it was important that Nick not be around given he was going to be the moral voice in their corpse burying crime, it still didn't mean he had to be totally MIA for all of Salem. He's a Horton and there was no reason he couldn't have talked to anyone else in town including Maggie, Lucas, and Hope whom he is all related to.

As for the Jett, MP is probably the worst actor I've ever seen on this show, and that's saying a lot. I agree there was more potential in a Jeremy/Chelsea/Nick triangle, especially a story where Chelsea is still attracted to that "bad guy hunk" like Jeremy, so she dumps Nick to date him, only to realize he's actually bad news. Plus she misses Nick. I also always wanted Nick to play hard to get with Chelsea, we almost got that for 5 whole minutes when they thought about Mick but of course that would have meant Molly Burnett remain in a love story with a character close to her own age.

I liked TD, I'm one of the few. Well, I take that back, once they had him start treating Stephanie quite badly, he totally got interesting. I wasn't fond of him at the beginning because of the annoying frat boy thing however many cried fowl that Mike and Robin would have raised a jerk like him while I had no issues that a good looking son of two successful doctors would be a spoiled jerk who thinks he's entitled to the easy road. His abusing Stephanie would have made an interesting story but they dropped that quickly too, I got rather excited thinking it could tie into restablishing Stephanie with her father who would no doubt have major issues seeing his daughter repeating patterns his mother went through. What I did find absolutely ridiculous is that three people who came from three core families in Salem would wind up meeting in Ohio.

As for the chemistry of Jeremy/Nick, I really didn't expect it but that odd couple thing worked well. Loved their bantering and it was also close to showing how Nick can't turn his back on anyone who needs him, even a jerk like Jeremy.

Well, what can I say? *dittered*
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