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May 8 2009, 03:29 PM
May 8 2009, 03:23 PM
This is without a doubt the worst teen group Days have had. I can't stand Mia or Will, talk about boring actors.
You have every right to your opinion, and you should know I don't watch and very much believe they suck, HOWEVER I got two names for you ...

Tanner & Molly ... shudders...

SUPERB point :laugh: .

Also, while I didn't mind the late 90's/early 2000's teen group, they had some pretty bad actors too. Storms and Cook were hit or miss. Nadia was..Nadia. Kyle Lowder was hit or miss. Heather Olsen and the guy that played Jason blew. Farah Fath started off ok but fell apart. The difference was they wrote them as real teens...most of the time. Sometimes the show relied way too much on stereotypes and there was too much preaching.

In terms of overall talent, the last teen/young generation was the best. Rachel Melvin, Ashley Benson, Darin Brooks, and Blake Berris. Hell, I will throw Shelley Hennig in there since she has shown alot more talent then most of the teen scene I mentioned above. They were a great young set.

This one is still early to tell, especially since we only have two teens so it's not even really a teen set. Taylor Sprietler to me has prove her worth as Mia. She's likable and can handle emotional material. She lights up around Arianne Zucker too. They play well off each other. I like Dylan Patton as Will but I think that is because I like his look and, much like Galen Gering. I feel like the role suits him. Will is being written as a typical teen so Patton's stiffness and lazy at times delivery works IMO. However, I need to see more from him before I can say he will be the next big thing. He actually kind of reminds me of Arianne Zucker in her first year on Days before she came alive as a vixen. Maybe Dylan Patton will come alive once Will matures more and gets edgier. Right now, there isn't much to him but once they do more with developing him, he may just take off and prove himself.
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