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Monday, May 11th[/b]
Victor demands that EJ sign over all of DiMera Enterprises in exchange for Stefano; Lucas asks Kate why her feelings for Chloe have changed; Dr. Baker and Nicole strike a deal; Max confides his worry to Bo and Hope about not hearing from Chelsea.

Tuesday, May 12th
Caroline warns Stephanie about life with a Kiriakis man; Sami panics when she sees Dr. Baker at the hospital; EJ deliberates his next move; Nicole goes to check on Dr. Baker.

Wednesday, May 13th
EJ enlists help to bring down the Kiriakis family; Arianna breaks up a heated confrontation between Sami and Nicole; Philip and Stephanie discuss their future; Nicole and Dr. Baker clash at the hospital; Rafe suggests to Dr. Baker that he leave town.

Thursday, May 14th
Bo has a vision involving Ciara; Melanie is disheartened to learn of Philip and Stephanie's engagement; Stefano dreams that he's dead; Bo and Hope try to persuade Victor to end the feud; Nicole sees a new side of EJ that she likes.

Friday, May 15th
Owen drugs Stephanie and kidnaps her from the Kiriakis mansion; Sami realizes something is going on involving Stefano; Will wants Mia to resume their friendship, and she is forced into allowing him to come to a meeting for recovering addicts.
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