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May 9 2009, 02:38 PM
May 8 2009, 11:24 PM
Stephanie is the reason your not watching? Wow...LOL. I thought it was more then that. There are just as many people that hate her as there are those that like her and they just FF or ignore her. I've always liked her and really enjoy her with Philip.

I'm kind of surprised your not watching, Rick, considering how the storytelling style mirrors JER. Even Toups at SON has been enjoying Days alot and King was enjoying it too before he wasn't able to watch so I admit I'm shocked your not finding something to like with it since your tastes usually seem similar to theirs.

As for the promo, I know I sound like a broken record but it's still way too short but I can't wait. This feud story is awesome and I love that we are finally getting some great drama with Philip and Stephanie.
I tried, really I did, but I can't watch the show anymore.

I have had an intense dislike for Hennig since Shayna Rose was fired. Rose's Stephanie actually had a personality and wasn't a hair model. I don't buy Hennig as Steve and Kayla's daughter and now that she's with Phillip it's ten times worse because I hate him too :shrug:

ETA: I do kinda like Safe
I adore Hennig LOL but different strokes...

Is it just her that you dislike or do you just hate the whole direction of the show? That is what confused me as your first post seemed to make it all about Hennig. If it's the whole show, I find that shocking because your tastes and that of Toups and King's was always so similar that I thought this would be right up your alley with all the JER channeling going on with Days under Tomlin. Glad you like Safe though. I LOVE them LOL (I seem to be in the minority big time on that one here on the DR).

I enjoyed Shayna Rose too but I think Hennig is a better actress then her and I would not hold what happened to Rose against her. The show decided to get rid of her and cast Hennig so I don't think holding that against her is necessarily fair. Of course, if you just don't like her, I can understand because many don't. I've seen enough from her to prove that she is talented, moreso then many think she is. Her scenes with Steve in the psych ward, her performances during the rape story, her performance during the Stax breakup. and most recently her performance when Philip was shot all were fantastic IMO and I've seen rave reviews from many others too, both in the mags and on the boards. I think she is very much like Kristian Alfonso when she was younger, If you go back and look at old clips of her, it's remarkable. They are even dressing Stephanie in a more sophisticated style since Tomlin came on board (of course, a more modern sophisticated style) like Hope was when she first joined, only Stephanie is showing a bit more skin LOL.

However, there are people who never found actresses like Rachel Melvin and Martha Madison to be awful or overrated. Hell, there are people who think Erika Slezak sucks LOL. It's all up to the individual, I guess.

Drew's point about the chemistry is so true. Jay and Shelley look fantastic together IMO.
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