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May 10 2009, 07:50 AM
Apr 29 2009, 08:13 PM
I don't feel that couple. I was optimistic at the beginning but now, I feel nothing. And this is majorly because of the character of Stephanie. She's boring and drags it down. Also, the writting for this couple is not up to par.Something is lacking.

It's called chemistry. Sure JKJ and SH are pretty but they don't have that spark that gets a couple past horrendous writing.

I don't know how JKJ can be so bland with SH and yet spark with MM and MB.
While I loathe both Belle and Melanie and don't like them anywhere near Philip, I will concede both those actresses "spark" more with JKJ than SH does (in my opinion). I think SH has been constrained the most out of the three of those by really hideously weak writing. Both Belle and Melanie had inherent conflict in their pairings: Belle because she was in love with and engaged to Shawn and having a clandestine affair with her ex-husband, and Melanie because she's a teenager and a rotten one at that. In both cases Philip's attraction (and it kills me to say he has any attraction to Melanie) is wrong and forbidden. It lends snap to his conversations with Melanie because they're supposed to be fighting a hidden desire.

By contrast, Stephanie does nothing but break up and make up with Philip. Their relationship started out as physical attraction and went straight to truelove, apparently, without anything in between. I know we're past the days when romantic relationships took a long time to build, but what bothers me more than the speed is that they don't bother to do any character or relationship building in the little time they do have. Stephanie still exists merely as arm candy for Philip. I don't have the first idea what he loves about HER, her in particular, Stephanie Johnson, and in part that's because I keep falling asleep when they're on and in part it's because they haven't bothered to make Stephanie an independent, viable character. They screwed up royally by putting no conflict at the beginning of their relationship and then, too late, tried to make this about Stephanie being afraid to be a Kiriakis when Steve and Kayla are off canvas. I really hope Philip can move on with someone else who isn't Melanie (if I have to choose, I'll take Stephanie over Melanie) and that the writing improves for Stephanie, separately from Philip.

ETA: I also think Shelley gets the lion's share of the blame from those who don't like P & S together, but, as much of a Philip/Jay fan as I am, I think a lot of fault lies with him. I thought his proposal fell horribly flat on his end, but Shelley was believably happy, excited and enthusiastic. She played it just like a girl delighted to receive a proposal from the man of her dreams, whereas Jay . . . well, I didn't think it was good. That's all.
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