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After all... tomorrow is another day!

You know, I have been a fan of SH from the beginning as I hated/hated/hated with the intensity of a thousand suns the other Stephanie (maybe I have some latent ginger prejudice or something ;) ) and was so glad when they replaced her with SH but I am having trouble recalling SH having that great of chemistry with any of her romantic partners.

I loved her chem with Steve and Mary Beth most of the time and I liked her friend chem with Chelsea and Nick, but I liked Max's chem better with Abby or Morgan during his time on the show and I liked that Jeremy kid's chem better with Chelsea.

Still, I'm not sure I have been feeling JKJ's chem with any of the females that much since he's been back. I wasn't as wild about him and MM together as some people and despite really enjoying him with NB back in the Ghoul Girl days, his shortlived pairing with her this time around wasn't all that for me. And it's a shame because he's just so damn pretty. I just think I enjoy Phillip so much when he's being a bastard that I would rather see him paired for once with a bad girl rather than these damn saccharine sweet goody goodys all the time. Maybe he should give Nicole a whirl after the baby switch storyline wraps up?
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