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Daily spoilers

Monday, May 25th
Owen refuses to hand Stephanie over to E.J.; Brady shares his fears with Bo; Philip and E.J. meet on the pier; Stephanie tries to escape; Daniel and Lucas both have dreams about Chloe.

Tuesday, May 26th
Philip and Melanie try to find Stephanie; Owen pulls a gun on Stephanie; Bo and Victor share harsh words; E.J. worries about Stefano; Bo offers E.J. a deal.

Wednesday, May 27th
Melanie asks Owen's father about his family; Caroline and Arianna both think that Rafe's plan to adopt Grace is a mistake; Brady asks Nicole if she knows where Stephanie is; Mia and Will decide to go on a date.

Thursday, May 28th
Stephanie tries to get Owen's gun; Philip tries to sneak into the morgue; Rafe and Sami run into Nicole; Mia teaches Will how to dance; Stefano discovers that he is in police custody.

Friday, May 29th
Kate witnesses a close moment between Daniel and Chloe; Mia and Will almost kiss; Melanie tries to talk Owen down.

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Philip and EJ meet to exchange their hostages; Lucas begins to remember the night of his accident.

Stephanie fights for her life while trapped in a morgue drawer; Bo offers EJ a deal.

Melanie and Philip search for Stephanie; Nicole warns Mia to stay away from Will.

Owen catches Brady searching for Stephanie; Mia and Will go on their first date.

Kate catches Chloe and Daniel in an intimate moment; Owen continues with his plan to have a life with Stephanie.

**UPDATED 5/13**

SOW spoilers
Week of May 25th

- Bo arrests EJ.
- Lucas suspects that Will is into Mia.
- Caroline confronts Victor.
- Kate returns.
- Philip and Melanie get a clue.

**UPDATED 5/14**

Weekly Summary
DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Realizing that EJ didn't have Stephanie, Philip went on the attack as the police swarmed in to break things up. The cops found Stefano, while Owen still held Stephanie, convinced that they would spend their lives together. Victor disowned Brady for going to the police. Philip's plan to rescue Stephanie enabled him to get into the morgue, where he heard her cries for help. Melanie was able to leave a clue before Owen locked her and Brady in the Kiriakis mausoleum. Lucas had a memory flash of the night he was drunk and questioned Maggie, who covered. Mia agreed to a date with Will, and they came close to a kiss. Nicole learned about Rafe's impending adoption of Grace.

Coming: Kate's suspicions of Chloe are rekindled.


**UPDATED 5/19**

Daytime Dial spoilers


•Stephanie stops breathing while trapped inside the morgue drawer.

•Rafe reveals his new job as a construction worker.

•Chloe admits to Daniel that she is not happy.

•Lucas has a memory from the night he was drunk.

•Nicole learns that Mia is seeing Will.

Thursday – Stephanie distracts Owen with a kiss.

Friday – Kate spies Chloe in Daniel’s arms.


**UPDATED 5/20**

- Bo arrests EJ for assault.

- Philip and Melanie learn the identity of Stephanie's kidnapper.

- Caroline confronts Victor.

- Will and Mia go on a date.

- Chloe tells Daniel she isn't happy.

- Rafe reveals his new gig.

- Nicole is alarmed by Will and Mia's connection.

- Philip and Melanie team up to find Stephanie.

Thursday May 28th: Stephanie distracts Owen with a kiss.

**UPDATED 5/23**

More Daily spoilers

Monday, May 25th
Lucas has a memory from the night he was drunk; Philip and Victor have a confrontation with EJ at the pier; Owen tells Stephanie he wants to flee the country with her; Victor calls Brady a traitor.

Tuesday, May 26th
Stephanie stops breathing while trapped inside the morgue drawer; Bo shares harsh words with Victor about their family ties; Lexie and Nicole give EJ opposing pieces of advice.

Wednesday, May 27th
Rafe reveals his new job as a construction worker; Nicole learns that Mia is seeing Will; Caroline admonishes Victor about the confrontation with the DiMeras on the pier; Sami tells Caroline that Rafe plans to adopt Grace.

Thursday, May 28th
Stephanie distracts Owen with a kiss; Nicole learns from Mia that Rafe plans to adopt Grace; Melanie and Philip are forced to tell Brady about their plan; Lexie's fearful of how her brother and father's dealings could affect her family.

Friday, May 29th
Kate spies Chloe in Daniel's arms; Chloe admits to Daniel that she is not happy; Will and Mia nearly kiss; Mia learns she may have to move since her cousin's leaving town; Brady, Melanie and Philip run into problems with their plan.
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