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After all... tomorrow is another day!

May 12 2009, 03:42 PM
Daily spoilers

Monday, May 25th
Owen refuses to hand Stephanie over to E.J.; Brady shares his fears with Bo; Philip and E.J. meet on the pier; Stephanie tries to escape; Daniel and Lucas both have dreams about Chloe.

Tuesday, May 26th
Philip and Melanie try to find Stephanie; Owen pulls a gun on Stephanie; Bo and Victor share harsh words; E.J. worries about Stefano; Bo offers E.J. a deal.

Wednesday, May 27th
Melanie asks Owen's father about his family; Caroline and Arianna both think that Rafe's plan to adopt Grace is a mistake; Brady asks Nicole if she knows where Stephanie is; Mia and Will decide to go on a date.

Thursday, May 28th
Stephanie tries to get Owen's gun; Philip tries to sneak into the morgue; Rafe and Sami run into Nicole; Mia teaches Will how to dance; Stefano discovers that he is in police custody.

Friday, May 29th
Kate witnesses a close moment between Daniel and Chloe; Mia and Will almost kiss; Melanie tries to talk Owen down.
Thanks for posting Angie.

This week the feud sounds REALLY good. Wasn't expecting that wrinkle with Owen and am very very excited to see how this all plays out with Bo now pissed at Victor and Stefano winding up in police custody.

And Caroline and Arianna... you aren't the only ones who think Rafe's plan is a mistake!!!
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