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After all... tomorrow is another day!

May 12 2009, 06:49 PM
I agree that when a couple is happy here comes the drama to bring them back to earth type of thing. But I don't know that I necessary believe that Grace is toast so to speak. Since the bloody booties I think it has been foreshadowed that one of the babies might not make it but it could be Sydney since she is the one caught in the middle of a blood fued, with Sami repeatedly saying she doesn't want her baby around the Dimeras. Irony considering that is where her daughter is. I also thought Sami and Ej's conversation at the mansion might be foreshadowing when Ej said it is easier to take a child from a dysfunctional home than it is to adopt because a father has rights, and if it is true that a young male has been cast as the father of Mia's baby there seems to be alot to tell yet there. So I think the tragedy could be Grace is very sick with a disease but not toast. Just my thoughts.
It's not just irony when Sami says she doesn't want her daughter around the DiMeras. It's dumb because she hasn't lifted a finger to try and stop the DiMeras from seeing Johnny. If she is so scared of them and they are such a bad influence why only protect one child - Grace - and throw Johnny to the wolves?

Further, from a story standpoint, what would killing off Sydney accomplish? That would be pretty messed up if they killed TWO of EJ's children within six months.

And as dumb as Sami is being, I don't expect her to be rational, but for an FBI agent Rafe is just monumentally stupid in going through with this adoption. What reason does he have to believe that there is no way Sami could possibly change her mind about EJ again and decide again to tell him the truth about his kid except this time go through with it? He has said himself that Sami changes her mind constantly and it's not like they can make a clean break and maybe move to a different town to ensure their secret stays secret and Sami will never interact with EJ again when Sami already shares one kid with the guy. Dumb.
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