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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Ej is unpredictable, unstable and murderous. Children do not need a father like that.

But they need a mother like that? Sami is even more unpredictable and unstable than EJ and has attempted murder in the past as well (the cabin). The same holds true for Lucas too and he is still allowed to father Allie and Will. Let's face it... none of these characters should be writing parenting books, so when they try to keep one of the other characters from seeing their kids they just look all the more hypocritical.

I also don't get your complaint about EJ having power and money. That's not automatically a bad thing in a parent when the money and power can help out your business connections or get you a great education. EJ has money to provide for his kids' financial security. For all we know Sami is feeding her babies on food stamps and Rafe's unemployment check.

Back when EJ got that court order to prevent Sami from leaving the DiMansion with Johnny they were in the process of divorcing and EJ got the order in response to Sami telling him she had made the impulsive decision to take the twins out of the DiMansion for no other reason but to get back at him because she was upset at him for sleeping with Nicole and also upset about Lucas sleeping with Chloe, which she blamed EJ for. Sami had no legitimate reason to keep EJ from his son at that time other than just her general DiMera hatred. She also had no means of supporting the children or any home to go to when she made the threat to take them away. Yeah it was maybe a dick move for EJ to take the step of getting the court order at that time, but not any more so than Sami threatening to take their son away simply because her love life wasn't going the way she wanted it.

Yes, EJ can use his power and money to again take legal action against Sami for custody *IF* she breaks the law in trying to keep EJ away from his kids. Like she would be doing now if she lies to the court to try to have Rafe legally adopt Grace or lies saying that EJ has in some way mistreated his kids, yet Sami has nothing to criticize EJ about regarding his parenting of Johnny so either EJ isn't a bad parent or Sami just doesn't care about him.

I also think it's not true to say Sami is totally powerless when it comes to Johnny. Marlena and John have a ton of money that could get her an attorney if needed, and if not she could obviously get Victor's support and the Salem police department is Sami's family's business and could and would arrest EJ on any trumped up charge she came up with were she to file a complaint with them.
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