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This week's SOW features an interview with Ali Sweeney.

Sami and EJ get in a fight, because EJ has guards at the DiMera mansion, and he tells Sami that he's not letting Johnny leave. Sami realizes something is going on, and she and EJ argue. Sami loses her voice because of this (SOW notes that Sweeney lost her voice in real life), and later at home, Rafe asks Sami how she lost her voice. Sami tells Rafe that she got in a fight with EJ. As Sweeney explains, "Rafe gets really upset on her behalf and wants to confront EJ." Rafe tells Sami that she's not alone, and Sami grabs Rafe and kisses him. Things continue from there, and they make love.

Afterwards, Rafe tells Sami he wants to make a commitment to Sami and Grace and that he wants to be a father to Grace. Sami takes this to mean that Rafe is proposing marriage. Sami starts telling Rafe that their relationship is not really at that stage yet, and she tells Rafe she hopes he doesn't feel bad that she's turning him down. Rafe tells Sami that for her to turn him down, he'd have to ask her! Sami is confused, and Rafe points out that he didn't propose to her. As Sweeney says, "things turn around where she's kind of hurt, and he says, 'Well, I'll ask you, if you promise to say no.' It's really cute."

Then, Rafe tells Sami that what he meant was that he wants to adopt Grace. Sweeney says that "it's really sincere and she loves him for saying that, though they don't actually say the L word. She obviously has very deep feelings for him, and it means so much to her that he feels that level of commitment to the baby."

SOW then asks Sweeney how this relationship differs from Sami's past relationships. Sweeney says that Rafe has "no preconceived notions" about Sami and that "you can tell from some of the things Rafe says that Sami has confided in him about her past." Sweeney continues that Rafe is looking at Sami as she is now and that Sami has grown and changed since having been in the safe house with Rafe. "Plus, it's not like she's keeping a secret from him that's going to ruin their relationship when he finds out the truth."

SOW says that the next day, Sami tells Will that Rafe wants to adopt Grace, but Will is not happy about this. Sweeney explains that Sami talks with Will after Sami and Rafe make love, and Sami tells Will that Rafe is going to be around a lot. Will asks Sami if she would care if he had a problem with that. Sami tells Will that she would care, but as Sweeney says, Sami asks Will, "Is it because he's not your father? If that's the only reason, that's not fair, but if you have a really valid concern, then we'll deal with that."

At the end of the week, Sami finds Arianna telling Rafe that Sami might ruin his life. Sweeney says that Arianna refers to Sami as "that woman" and that Sami is not surprised that Arianna feels that way. Sweeney concludes, "[Sami] and Rafe are so into each other and happy in their relationship that it doesn't even affect her."

Additional information from the SOD article:

Really no additional story information; it's a short article. I'll just include one quote from Ali Sweeney: "Things get serious and he talks to her about how he wants to adopt Grace. She loves him for saying that, though they don't actually say the L word... She's just really happy with him."

There is also a spoiler for May 21st, when Sami tells Will that Rafe wants to adopt Grace. Sweeney says, "No matter where he was in the world, if Grace were in trouble, [Rafe] would come and help her. He is clearly that guy and she wants to give her daughter that protection."

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