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This week's SOW features interviews with James Scott and Shelley Hennig.

Scott explains that the Kiriakis family has taken EJ's father, they're asking him to sign over his business, and EJ "doesn't have a lot to come back at them." So, "[EJ] takes the one thing Philip loves more than anything in the world", and EJ hopes this will convince them to return Stefano.

Meanwhile, Stephanie wakes up in a morgue drawer. Hennig explains that Stephanie "freaks out". Stephanie wakes up and doesn't know where she is. Then suddenly, she sees daylight and she sees Owen. She recognizes him from the Kiriakis house, and after a moment, she realizes she has been kidnapped.

Owen takes Stephanie's picture and sends it to EJ. EJ sees Philip on the pier, and EJ tells Philip that he's taken Stephanie. Scott explains that "Philip has a fairly large ego and is a pretty smart guy, but his initial assumption is that EJ is BS-ing him."

Philip tells EJ that the feud is between them and not their loved ones, but EJ does not agree. EJ shows Philip Stephanie's picture on the cell phone. He tells Philip that Stefano must be released.

Philip meets with Victor, and he begs him to "release Stef for Steph", as SOW puts it. Meanwhile, at the morgue, Stephanie realizes that Owen has a crush on her, and she convinces him to let her out of the drawer. Then, she knees him in the groin and tries to escape. However, before she can leave, her cell phone rings. Stephanie doesn't know who's calling, but it's EJ. Hennig explains that "Owen doesn't know who's hearing Stephanie on that phone, so he grabs her and grabs the phone and she gets away."

Stephanie runs outside and Owen catches up with her, but as they're struggling, she falls and hits her head. Owen brings her back in the morgue and puts her back in a drawer. When she wakes up again, there is no air in the drawer, and she hyperventilates. She faints, and Owen finds her in time to revive her.

Victor agrees to release Stefano, but then Owen begins to rethink things. Hennig says that "he's a pawn", and that Stephanie "can tell he doesn't want to hurt her, because he hasn't hurt her already."

EJ waits at a predesignated meeting spot, but Owen has another plan...

Additional information from the SOD article:

- After the events detailed in the SOW article, EJ feels guilty about taking Stephanie, and he confides in Nicole. James Scott tells SOD that "first of all, she's going to find out anyway," and that EJ is not proud of what he's done. Scott explains that when EJ ordered the shooting of Philip, EJ was doing that on the assumption that Philip was responsible for Tony's death. But here, EJ has ordered Stephanie kidnapped, and she's an innocent party, so this "sits differently on his conscience".

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