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Thanks for the spoilers angie.
The fued looks interesting, and Im also curious as to why Owen is holding Stephanie, it could be an obsession thing, or he could think he is protecting her from EJ.

One thing is clear I love that the writers have EJ showing his true colors.
Almost as much as I loved watching Victors thugs pound on him LOL
Victor schooled him bigtime.. and I loved it.

If anything is boring about all of this is the endless bashing of Rafe and Sami..
Where some fans even seem to root for, or speculate on the death of a baby.
It happened with Nicole's baby, and now poor little Grace.
But GOD FORBID anything happen to an "Ejami" baby.

Sami does NOT WANT EJ... If she did she would be with him ..not Rafe.
I think the adoption is within the bounds of the story if Sami truly does not intend to ever tell EJ about Grace, and Sami and Rafe are planning a future together.

I personally hope neither child dies.. and that Grace grows up with Sami and Rafe, and Sydney grows up with Nicole and EJ.. and the 2 little girls can either become best friends or bitter rivals with the truth only coming out years from now.
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