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May 13 2009, 11:43 AM
I agree. The Steve and Kayla stuff is such a big elephant in the room. I can't believe they got rid of them knowing full well where they were going with all this. The show did good working around their absences yesterday but this whole kidnapping thing is going to really make it noticeable.

I love Steve and Kayla and is mean as this sounds...I almost wish the show would kill them off offscreen and send Joe to live with Jack and Jennifer or something. I know that would even more of a horrible disrespect to the characters but at least that would provide some closure and that thread would no longer be out there because as long as Steve and Kayla are out there, in Salem or not, there is no way they would not be involved in this. No way. They would have to be dead not to be.

The show should just bring them back and lessen their guarantees like they did Peter and Kristian.
EXACTLY! I have been fine with Steve/Kayla not being around.....but with how much Steve loves Stephanie(and has been shown to hate the DiMera's and owuld do anything to protect his daughter), it doesn't make sense for them not to be here....and it would make the plot so much more complex and interesting if they got involved with the feud at this point.

But ah well.....the one thing that this regime needs to learn to do is just make the absence of characters a little bit more...explainable. The absence of Anna for months and months and months while Tony was around was jarring too....sometimes it would be okay, but then other times it wouldn't make sense, like how they just brought her back for one day after he died(which IS better than nothing, I'll admit.), and now we're going through something similar with Steve and Kayla.
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