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May 13 2009, 11:54 AM
I can't support the idea of killing Steve and Kayla offscreen (or onscreen for that matter), so ixnay on that idea. The easiest way to do this would have been for them to send Steve and Kayla out of Salem permanently (with an actual goodbye) when the fired SN and MBE. It doesn't really matter where, but Europe seems a popular choice. Let it have something to do with Kayla's career (big research project or something).

We all know that if Stephanie were in trouble, Steve and Kayla would be back in a heartbeat, but we also know that "out of town" relatives never show up in situations we know they would. We're used to that and despite the occassional bitchfest about it, it's pretty routinely accepted (i.e. the reason Brady wasn't at John's "funeral" or why Frankie wasn't at OMB's funeral). Plus, there is the added benefit of being able to fanwank that they aren't getting the whole story over the phone, so they don't know just how bad things are, etc., etc.

Based on what has been said lately, it appears that the show has in fact shifted to the "Steve and Kayla are out of town at least semi-permanently" mode. I can live with it (don't like it, but can live with it), but it would have been much better if they had just done that from the beginning.
I don't mind the out of town idea but, in this case, I think it would still be just as bad. I don't like the idea of killing them either but it's the only way to explain why they wouldn't be here.

Usually, the out of town excuse would be used for such things as weddings and such. However, when your daughter gets kidnapped and is part of a feud with two powerful men who have put you through hell, it really doesn't make sense if your not there. That is the problem they face. I don't remember there ever being a case like Stephanie on the show where the parents are MIA yet it's hard to buy them not being there. All the other times the parents were either presumed dead or actually dead LOL.

They should've gotten some sort of an exit but if they weren't going to involve them in this, then they should've come up with a reasonable way to explain it. Killing one or both of them off sounds harsh but at least there would be closure and there would be a reasonable explanation. Hell, if you got rid of one, you only had to bring one back. Again, don't like the idea but it's better then this where it makes Steve and Kayla look like they are neglecting her or something.

It just burns me that Corday said that he wanted to keep them but there just wasn't story. Uhh...what is this? This is the perfect story to utilize them in. What a moron. The least they could do is bring them back for like 6 months or something just to play all this out and play some history with Steve/Kayla and the Kiriakis family. It does seem like they are hinting that they are out of town but that just makes it worse.
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