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Sorry Tim, I don't care how unrealistic it is for the current story, I can't agree that killing Steve or Kayla is the better way to go, I just can't. And yes, this is a little different in the "out of town" relatives department, but hardly unprecedented. Remember that Billie didn't make it to Salem when Chelsea was going under the knife for Bo's operation. Is that "realistic?" We know she'd be there in a heartbeat.

Josh and Jessica Fallon couldn't make it to Salem when Nick was arrested and sentenced and they aren't presumed dead that I know about. Nicole got married and none of her family showed up. Chloe got married and, as far as we know, her family hasn't visited. And yes, none of those situations are exactly the same, but the point is that we -- as fans -- understand how things work when relatives are "out of town." Sure, it stretches on the bounds of credibility (sometimes to their breaking limit) but it's part of how things work on a soap.

Now, I would much, much prefer if Steve and Kayla were simply actually onscreen and involved in this storyline, but failing that, sending them out of town BEFORE all of this happened would have worked much better.
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