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May 13 2009, 12:16 PM
Sorry Tim, I don't care how unrealistic it is for the current story, I can't agree that killing Steve or Kayla is the better way to go, I just can't. And yes, this is a little different in the "out of town" relatives department, but hardly unprecedented. Remember that Billie didn't make it to Salem when Chelsea was going under the knife for Bo's operation. Is that "realistic?" We know she'd be there in a heartbeat.

Josh and Jessica Fallon couldn't make it to Salem when Nick was arrested and sentenced and they aren't presumed dead that I know about. Nicole got married and none of her family showed up. Chloe got married and, as far as we know, her family hasn't visited. And yes, none of those situations are exactly the same, but the point is that we -- as fans -- understand how things work when relatives are "out of town." Sure, it stretches on the bounds of credibility (sometimes to their breaking limit) but it's part of how things work on a soap.

Now, I would much, much prefer if Steve and Kayla were simply actually onscreen and involved in this storyline, but failing that, sending them out of town BEFORE all of this happened would have worked much better.
Just for the record, I don't want them to kill them. I just would prefer it over this crap LOL.

The Bo/Chelsea thing happened pretty fast. They found out that Chelsea was a donor and then rushed her right into surgery so there was no way for Billie to make it back since they didn't know about Chelsea's involvement until the last minute. We barely saw Nick or heard about him once he was arrested. We simply saw him in jail and didn't see him again until his hearing so I think what that does is allow the viewer to imagine that in all that time Josh and Jessica could've came to visit their son. I know that is a stretch but with most of Nick's situation playing offscreen prior to his exit, it would be considered possible to some. Not to mention I doubt many current fans even know they are. They pretty much think of Maggie as his only real parent, even if she is his aunt, so I think the show was set up not to have too many issues with that one. They did mention Fay Walker when Nicole got married but Fay would never be at the wedding anyway. Nicole and her hate each other. Brandon was mentioned and probably would've been there but, again, that speaks to what I said. The "out of town" excuse works for weddings because there are times when people, even family, can't make a wedding and Brandon is not a big fan of the Dimera's anyway and I'm sure he didn't want to come into town and stir up drama with Sami and others so I can see why he would stay away. Chloe eloped so there was no way of her parents being there.

So, most of those situations were passable and made sense. It's a little different when your daughter is in a situation like Stephanie's, especially when Victor and Stefano, two people Steve and Kayla have tons of history with, are involved. To be fair, the show has played it out ok so far but I just know it's going to be harder and harder to deal with as we go along. I think it can be helped if they give Stephanie more scenes with Bo, Hope, and Caroline. Maybe have one of them say that Steve and Kayla are being kept up to date because Kayla can't leave for some reason and maybe have a line where Bo says that Steve put him in charge of watching over her. Something like that would help a bit.
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