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Thank you for the article. I love the fact that Ali explains that her relationship with Rafe is different from any in her past because Rafe's in relationship with the post witness protection Sami. Different, maturing but he knows she has been a fighter and into all sorts of stuff historically. So wanting or expecting the 'old Sami Brady back' looks highly unlikely which I am so happy about because a mother of a teen and 3 toddlers can't be running around town with a mobster - doing evil stuff,stirring up trouble, seeking revenge etc.

I don't mind if Rafe and Sami say I love you now or not at least that silences any criticisms about the relationship moving too fast and that it's clear that Rafe isn't ready to marry her either - which I think is way too soon. Looking forward to seeing that convo where he says I'll ask you as long as you promise to say no. :lol: :lol: The fact that she's even discussing Rafe with Will tells me she's serious about Rafe and hoping that once they've been in relationship longer they'll end up married - I just don't see her bothering to go there with Will otherwise as Will is miserable enough as it is.

I'm sure the writers/actors scan the various boards because the funny thing is many of the articles and the conversations on screen these days seem to clarify many of the topics that are debated on the boards e.g.

Does Rafe really know about Sami's past? - Yes, she told him a lot about herself off screen in the WPP
Has Sami really changed?- Yes. WP had a profound affect on her so she's not behaving like she did in the past,
Does she have real feelings for Rafe or is it rebound? - Yes. She has very deep feelings for him and they are very into each other and very happy so the happiness is not just Sami settling Rafe is what she wants. Thank you for clearing this up Ali :hug:
Does she plan some big reunion with EJ if Grace [really Sydney's] paternity is every revealed? Hell no because her plan is that the paternity is NEVER revealed.

I think Sami going to become more resolute in her decision when poor little Johnny is trapped in the Dimera mansion to ensure he's not a target in the war! That new development is just going to make it look like Sami was so right to hide Grace's [really Syndey's] paternity otherwise Grace [really Syndey] would be locked in the mansion too and if Sami was with EJ she would have to have the body guards too and Will and Ali would need them too as they would be EJ's step kids and vunerable too.

Any ways it doesn't look to me from this article that Safe are going to be a short lived paring as some have predicted and I am very pleased about that. :wub: I like the Sami I see on screen now. And I am so glad Ali again confirmed she has no ugly secret waiting to come out and destroy the relationship - any angst and pressure in that relationship is going to be driven from external forces which could be from Sami's or Rafe's past and that's better than the whole relationship being built on a lot of lies waiting to come crashing down to destroy everything.
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