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May 13 2009, 11:51 AM
May 13 2009, 11:33 AM
I like that they were able to write her losing her voice into the story. Although it just supports the idea that the show will never write Ali out, not even a for a day or two LOL. It's also somewhat of an unintentional nod to Sami losing her voice in the past, which coincidentally happened in the Dimera Mansion. I do feel bad Ali lost her voice though. That sucks.

This sounds good and I'm happy with the whole exchange about Sami thinking it means he is proposing marriage and that they have to slow down. That is great relationship building.

I like the Will/Mia romance but they really need to start doing more with him when it comes to the adults in his life. Yes, he's had scenes with pretty much everyone but I want to see him being active with them. I don't necessarily want him to scheme to get his parents back together but it would be nice to bring some more edge out of him rather then him just displaying the normal teenager attitude. Maybe we are starting to see it if what this article says plays out how it sounds onscreen.
I am enjoying the Will/Mia romance...and it makes sense that they are always away from the adults because teens don't usually like to hang around their family or adults alot, but I sorta agree here....they had Will sharing scenes with everyone when he first came back, and I really liked it...then he met Mia and he sorta got more secluded. :P

So they do need to work on that....but hopefully, in the upcoming weeks, he will share scenes with more people from how it sounds.

My only other complaint about Will/Mia is how, though I guess this could be due to Mia's heavy love for her and pushing for it, it seems Will or both of them are ALWAYS watching Grace....big siblings babysit, but to have a baby that much is a bit odd....but its tolerable enough.
Well, we still do get scenes with him and Sami and he just had scenes with Chloe a week or so ago so my issue is not with him having scenes with adults. I want him to be doing more then having scenes with them. Have him learn a secret or something. Make him proactive. The only time he is proactive is with Mia.
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