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May 14 2009, 12:54 AM
^^ I don't know. She seems pretty content and happy to me. Sami is finally getting a fresh start with a guy that she doesn't have some sort of bad history with. I think it's pretty obvious where Sami stands right now... she's falling in love with Rafe.

EJ who? :shrug: :tounge:
That has nothing to do with it, it's the fact that she is doing this w/ some other guys kid, whom she has NO intention of telling him about. If she was upfront with him, and EJ was aware that he had another kid w/ Sami, I honestly probably would not care if she was moving on w/ Rafe. But the fact that she is allowing Rafe to adopt Grace, EJ's kid, as far as she knows, and has 0 intention of telling EJ about his daughter, that part is SHADY. And if you can't see that, well I feel sorry for you. Enjoy your happy couple while it lasts, because w/ a secret like that waiting in the wings, it's not likely to last very long. Like it or not, Safe's relationship IS based on lies, maybe not between the couple, but it is based on lies from other people, and no matter how hard you try to keep those lies from seeing the light, the will come out one way or another, and Sami Brady knows that better than anyone in Salem!
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