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May 13 2009, 11:56 AM
Rafe isn't ready to even get engaged to marry Sami, but thinks he's ready to file legal papers until false pretenses to adopt her baby with another man who doesn't know he's the father? Why? What does he think this legal adoption is going to accomplish without marriage? Are he and Sami going to set up custody arrangements so Rafe can have Grace as his place certain days and Sami can have Grace at her place other days?

I can't tell based on this article if Will has a problem with Sami and Rafe being together or his objections to the adoption are simply because of how ridiculous it is.
i totally agree with this post.

will should definitely have an issue with this, as should anyone else in sami's life. grace needs stability and rafe and sami, as you said, aren't married, and don't seem to have plans to get marrried, either. i mean, who's to say sami isn't going to fuck this whole thing up somehow and a)rafe takes off, leaving her in the lurch or b)ej finds out he's the real father later, so rafe loses out anyway and so does grace..losing a man she has come to know as her father. i mean, is taking the chance that that happens really fair to either rafe or grace? no, of course not. it just makes things easier for sami, so i guess in her addled brain, that makes this adoption scheme a good idea.

i also hate the statements in the mag articles like 'oh, sami has grown up so much.' the fuck she has! she is hiding this child from the man she thinks is her father, and is substituting another 'daddy' who she finds suitable. she's not thinking of her child's well-being, period. what happnes if five years from now the truth comes out? grace will already be attached to rafe, but he will have no legal claim on her whatsoever becasue of sami and her lies about grace's paternity. ej could easily, easily get full protective custody and rafe and sami would never see that little girl again.

i can stand sami's bad decisions. what i can't stand is the fact that she makes them, and then every single freaking article i read in SOD or SOW has lines praising the character on how much she has grown up, or how she is really putting her kids first. what a load of crap.
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