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May 14 2009, 09:48 AM
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May 14 2009, 12:54 AM
^^ I don't know. She seems pretty content and happy to me. Sami is finally getting a fresh start with a guy that she doesn't have some sort of bad history with. I think it's pretty obvious where Sami stands right now... she's falling in love with Rafe.

EJ who? :shrug: :tounge:
That has nothing to do with it, it's the fact that she is doing this w/ some other guys kid, whom she has NO intention of telling him about. If she was upfront with him, and EJ was aware that he had another kid w/ Sami, I honestly probably would not care if she was moving on w/ Rafe. But the fact that she is allowing Rafe to adopt Grace, EJ's kid, as far as she knows, and has 0 intention of telling EJ about his daughter, that part is SHADY. And if you can't see that, well I feel sorry for you. Enjoy your happy couple while it lasts, because w/ a secret like that waiting in the wings, it's not likely to last very long. Like it or not, Safe's relationship IS based on lies, maybe not between the couple, but it is based on lies from other people, and no matter how hard you try to keep those lies from seeing the light, the will come out one way or another, and Sami Brady knows that better than anyone in Salem!
EJ already has his daughter Sydney and Nicoole is deeply committed to ensuring he never finds out who the mother is.

At least Sami and Rafe are in the deception together rather than have lies between them....of course the 'truth' will come out...and prove that EJ is NOT Grace's father.

I think Rafe and Sami will be even closer and bonded then and will plan to deal with the fall out together hence the relationship build now. They have been collecting pieces of the puzzle this week and don't realise it yet but will start sharing what each of them knows eventually and start to piece things together. ie babies born on the same day, Dr Baker didn't want a reason from Rafe why he wanted him to keep quiet - Rafe's uneasy about that.

And let's not forget Nicole is the biggest obtacle to EJ finding out the real truth that Syndey is his and Sami's. Because Sami and Rafe don't even know that!!!!! Nicole is married to EJ with no prenup she's already said when the truth comes out she's keeping Sydney....so the games will begin but it will be a long and very twisted, dragged out story...I would not be surprised if there was no reveal this year - actually I'm sure they're going to celebrate these girls' chistmas and first birthdays before the reveal comes...of course JMO. If we do get a reveal this year it would be that 'Grace is EJ's daughter' which will thereafer be proven to be false and a cruel lie and deception of Sami's....
But don't forget - there are other people (primarily Lucas) that knows Sami was pregnant with EJ's child when she went to WP - so even if it is revealed that Grace is not EJ's daughter it won't play for long as a cruel deception by Sami - it will spark the search for her true daughter. Once that first piece of the story is known it won't take Sami long to figure out the truth. She already 'knows' she and Nicole delivered babies on the same day. Mia and Dr. Baker aren't floating around for no reason. I think once the truth comes out, even if it's in pieces, the story will finally move along and I don't see a happily ever after for a single one of the 'current' couples that will be affected.

I totally agree with Gina - Sami's actions in this have taken a serious nosedive in using another man's daughter as the cement to build her new relationship on. Sami is a lot of things - but I've never known her to be that completely stupid. :shame:
The writers have not being doing anything fast so whether Sami will find out quickly or not we'll have to wait and see. With Baker now gone the only other one than Nicole who knows seems like a set back to the likelyhood of an early or simple reveal. Nothings coming out unitl Baker is back on canvas for sure.

Sami will want to be discrete in her search for her baby because she still won't want EJ to know she was pregnant at all. So that will make the search for her baby extremely difficult. As to where the current couples will during or post reveal there are optional ways the story can play in my view. EJ could be pleased that he has Sydney and recognise that if not for Nicole he wouln't even know Sydney - or he could be mad a throw Nicole out...but I can't see that somehow....Nicole won't let him, she'll have some blackmail plan if he tries it! Sami and Rafe do not have lies between them if that total honesty between them continues there is a chance that they could stay intact.

Why would they break up? They have taken all decisions together so far. Sami didn't know Grace wasn't her birth child? She acted in good faith and will be more hurt than Rafe is if she doesn't keep Grace - she's breast fed that baby and totally bonded to her now etc. There will be some shared grief between them. And I doubt EJ is going to say to Sami there, there pumkin you naughty girl for trying to hide my daughter from me so that I would never know her but I forgive you! He may want to punish her or teach her a lesson but I will be surprised if he just says it's fine - how many days do you want Sydney to stay at yours? :lol:

I think Rafe will be Sami's support when the :shithitfan: on all this. And based on his current behaviour he will definitely be there :wub: .JMO
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