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After all... tomorrow is another day!

May 14 2009, 10:50 AM
The writers have not being doing anything fast so whether Sami will find out quickly or not we'll have to wait and see. With Baker now gone the only other one than Nicole who knows seems like a set back to the likelyhood of an early or simple reveal. Nothings coming out unitl Baker is back on canvas for sure.

Sami will want to be discrete in her search for her baby because she still won't want EJ to know she was pregnant at all. So that will make the search for her baby extremely difficult. As to where the current couples will during or post reveal there are optional ways the story can play in my view. EJ could be pleased that he has Sydney and recognise that if not for Nicole he wouln't even know Sydney - or he could be mad a throw Nicole out...but I can't see that somehow....Nicole won't let him, she'll have some blackmail plan if he tries it! Sami and Rafe do not have lies between them if that total honesty between them continues there is a chance that they could stay intact.

Why would they break up? They have taken all decisions together so far. Sami didn't know Grace wasn't her birth child? She acted in good faith and will be more hurt than Rafe is if she doesn't keep Grace - she's breast fed that baby and totally bonded to her now etc. There will be some shared grief between them. And I doubt EJ is going to say to Sami there, there pumkin you naughty girl for trying to hide my daughter from me so that I would never know her but I forgive you! He may want to punish her or teach her a lesson but I will be surprised if he just says it's fine - how many days do you want Sydney to stay at yours? :lol:

I think Rafe will be Sami's support when the :shithitfan: on all this. And based on his current behaviour he will definitely be there :wub: .JMO
I agree with you that the writers will probably drag this out as long as possible, but who knows?

Besides Dr. Baker, Lucas knows the truth and he could go nuts after he finds out the truth about Chloe and how his mom and Maggie were keeping the truth about Daniel and Chloe's affair from him and fly off the handle and decide to expose Sami's secret too or just get drunk and blurt it out. Not to mention Lucas might wind up with his own reasons for breaking up Rafe and Sami after he's out of his relationship with Chloe and as much as he hates EJ I don't see Lucas being a cheerleader for Sami taking the step of having Rafe adopt EJ's kid.

And I don't know if it's 100 percent true that Sami and Rafe have no lies between them either. Sami has been pretty honest with Rafe, but doesn't Arianna say something to Rafe about how he's doing it again or it's happening to him all over again? Has Rafe ever told Sami about any past wife or girlfriend and kid before? And isn't there some backstory with Rafe that Sami tried to find out more about at the convent but she was never told? That would qualify as a secret, I would think. Now I don't know if this backstory would be reason at all or reason enough for Sami and Rafe to break up. But this is a soap and these two will break up at some point and the baby switch reveal coming out and turning their lives upside down could be as good a time as any for that to happen. I mean we don't know that Sami and Rafe would even be in sync in terms of how they would react to the news. Maybe Rafe will want to continue fighting for legal custody of Grace while Sami's heart goes out as a former teenage mother to Mia and thinks she should have some parental rights? There's a ton of ways this could go.

Plus, there is still that hinted at tragedy for Rafe, Sami and EJ hanging over all of this, whatever it is.
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