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Sexy Jew

Ok, so in a way I was able to have my "Ah, now I get it moment" all the while being confused and a bit pissed off.

I liked how they revealed to us that Locke was actually dead and the thing that killed Mr. Echo was manipulating people on the island.

I'm pissed because if Jacob is actually dead, then what would be the use of showing him interacting with all those people, just to kill him off?

Hmm who was that guy in the beginning with Jacob, the two of them sitting on the beach watching a ship approach the island? Could he be behind the black smoke?

I'm kinda confused about Rose and whathisname...so they've been having the time flashes too? And I still don't get what was with that cabin? Who actually lived there, the spirit or Jacob?

I also agree that I hate that Jin and Sun didn't get reunited.
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