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I don't care whatsoever if Jin and Sun reunited or not. It'll happen. So I don't care that it didn't happen now.

Of course Rose, Bernard AND Vincent were skipping through time. All the 815 survivors were skipping through time. No matter where they were on the island.

And now after watching this, I think Jacob never lived in that cabin. I am sure it was that other dude from the beginning of the episode. People online call him Esau, as in Jacob and Esau from the Bible. Anyways, I think it's true.. Esau was captured in that cabin somehow by Jacob and he couldn't leave. And when Locke and Ben visited the cabin for the first time and Locke heard that "Help me" sound, it came from Esau, who wanted to be set free.

Because, we saw that Ilana and Jacob are friends. He invited her to the island. But when they all came to the cabin, they were carrying guns and everything and I think they were looking for Esau, NOT Jacob. Since they had Locke's body and they saw Locke walk around, they had to have known that Esau must have taken over Locke's body, meaning he escaped the cabin.

That's how I got that part..
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