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May 16 2009, 03:34 PM
May 16 2009, 03:24 PM
May 16 2009, 02:53 PM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deepSo not only have they chosen the EJAMI lovemaking date, they dressed RAFE in a BLACK shirt too!!!Posted Image
They didn't have to get Rafe's shirt out of Ej's dressing room because Rafe already had a black shirt and wore it on at least 2 occasions at the safe house. The writers are definitely not trying to make Rafe into another Ej. Rafe is the opposite of Ej.

Sami does have a new outfit but it is also pink.

Ok so then I guess EJ was a blonde with green eyes? I mean come on...they are replaying the whole EJ and Sami thing out with Rafe and Sami. He has dark eyes/hair, they're using the same month that EJami hooked up, the same color clothes as when Ejami hooked up. I know they have 2 different personalities but in the beginning of Ejami, EJ swept Sami off her feet and was there for her just like Rafe is now. The only difference is Sami had more of a resistance to EJ than she has now with Rafe. She's diving in head first only to keep her secret and to have a man around. :wave:
So Rafe's black vest [which he already wore for two of the episodes in the Safe house] is because the writers are making him like EJ :lol: .....yeah right....Sami wore pink in the safe house too when Rafe had his black vest on then. If you look at the promo for the week of the Ejami scenes on the 19th May 2008 it was a promo about Lucas being released from prison and finding 'Sami in bed with his enemy.' [that was a quote from it] Sami even said to Lucas in the promo in front of EJ I only slept with him because you left me....or something like that.

That whole story was obviously about Lucas and Lumi. The 'love scene' was filmed so that Lucas could catch them! Even during the Ejami scene last year they panned the camera to Lucas picture with dark music that say's oh-oh..... :lol: :lol: And people call Rafe a rebound... :laugh:

The Safe promo has no third parties in it - because it is not about EJ or Lucas. It is all about Safe. I think some of the scenes in this promo happen after they make love - so rather than have Sami looking uncomfortable and running from the bed to go and beg Lucas for forgiveness we see Sami relaxed and having a nice conversation but above all not trying to distance herself from Rafe or worse of all running to ask for forgiveness from Lucas or EJ for being intimate with Rafe. I know the scenes haven't aired yet but if there was going to be that kind of drama I think they would have added it to to promo..... as these promos and articles don't seem to hide much about what is actually going to play out on screen these days.

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