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I buy it.

We've all been saying for months now that it could happen and Grace did not get the best medical care to begin with. There have been hints this could happen and I don't think the show will want to have Mia raise a child. They seem to have other plans and I don't see her giving up the baby again once she learns it's her's.

It's always hard to tell these kind of stories. I never believed Corday when he said they would never kill a child again. I think this could be very good, if done right. My concern mostly lies with Ali and Galen because their acting is not usually good with this kind of material but I do think Ali at least can rise to the challenge. We'll see.

I'm just curious to see how they will do this and what will come of it. I don't think they can go the SIDS route. I would've liked that because of what happened with Marlena and Don's child and a few months ago when Sydney was sick EJ mentioned to Nicole how Sami worried about the twins and SIDS.

We'll see what happens but I do think there is enough evidence, both in this thread and on the show, to suggest they will likely go this route. They've already recasted Grace three times too, which makes me wonder why they bothered to do that if they were just going to go through with this but maybe they wanted a certain kind of baby for the situation.
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