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We spoke with Peter Reckell, who received his first nomination. He found out when Noel Maxam, Days' supervising producer, called him. Peter says, "I was giving Loden her breakfast, and we were just laughing and having fun. Noel called and said "Hey, guess what?" I honestly didn't even know the nominations were coming out today. I'd really given up on accomplishing something like this and I was just doing my thing."

"It was kind of strange. Like I said, I was wrapped up in playing with Loden and Kelly. I told her and Kelly was excited, jumping up and down, telling me to call my mom. Then she went out to do some errands and I was playing with Loden, then I put her down for a nap. After that, I thought, whoa, this is exciting. It sort of took awhile to sink in. I don't know why, but once it sunk in, it's pretty exciting."

Darin Brooks said "I'm surprised, excited and grateful. I'm super stoked for everyone that was nominated, and I'm proud of the work we 've all done here at DAYS."

Blake Berris said "this is incredible validation for everyone." He continued, "Rachel actually called me and told me. I had checked online and it had everything up except for Best Younger Actor/Actress, and so when I saw Rachel's number, my stomach kinda dropped because I knew she would probably have news, good or bad. Then she told me and I think screamed some profanities and then ran around my house like a crazy person!" He submitted the episode where Nick finally admitted to killing Melanie's father.


Darin Brooks chatted up Soaps.com with his reaction to his Daytime Emmy nod today, and after congratulating him, he thanked us and said, "Well we'll see what happens! I'm just super stoked for the whole show! Hell, 13 nominations this year total!!!" When asked for his thoughts on the other nominees, Brooks excitedly gave everyone a shout out. "Way to go everybody who works on Days - from the cast to the crew to everybody [else], way to go! And I'm proud to say I'm on Days of Our Lives! And good luck to everybody!" Darin says he found out he was nominated while on his way to Nashville, at Burbank airport! He received a text message from Stephanie Sloan from Soap Opera Digest. "And I just had to call her and said "Are you messin' with me?" (laughs) "But it was just great! I submitted some of my scenes with Max's father (played by the amazing and talented Roscoe Borne) and I guess we'll see if it's good enough to win!" We recall those very powerful scenes and thought they were some of his most powerful work as well! No wonder he got a nod! He sent out congratulations to Blake Berris who is up against Darin in the same category, and gracefully says, "He had some really good stuff this year so I also wish him the best of luck and if I don't take it home, I hope he does! Way to go brother!"


Rachel Melvin, soon to be ex-Chelsea Brady, has garnered another Daytime Emmy Nomination, as we reported last week. Soaps.com caught up with Melvin after the nominations came out and found out that she was at home when she found out about her own nomination. "I had just woke up and sat down to turn on "The Today Show," and received a text [message] from a friend in New York saying "Congrats," which was good because I guess they never announced the younger actor/actress categories." We asked about her thoughts on the show and her co-stars’ nominations and she says, "I'm very excited about all the nominations our show received. I was very happy for Blake especially. He's a close friend of mine and I have a great respect for his talent. I thought he should have been nominated last year so I was glad he got the recognition this year. It's also great to hear about Tamara and Peter, and of course Darin again. I think the coolest part is that the show itself earned a nom. I know that it's been a long time since it has and to have that happen the year I'm leaving... I'm just glad I get to be a part of such a great honor." Regarding the other show’s nominations, we asked if she had a few predictions to make. She tells us, "It's always hard to make predictions about the outcome of the awards because you really don't know what other actor/actress or shows submitted in their reel. I have high hopes for our show and that at least one of our talented actors/actresses can walk away with a statue. And if they do, I want to hold it!"

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