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May 17 2009, 12:00 PM
May 17 2009, 01:30 AM
May 16 2009, 08:17 PM

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I'm just giving my opinion too. :wave: Just saying everything is not a about Ejami. I'm sure the wardrobe people didn't sit down and say umm what clothing shall we put them in...let's get our old tapes from one year ago and see what Sami and Ej wore this time last year and put Rafe and Sami in the same colours or worse let's borrow EJ's vest and put it on Rafe :tounge: Actually had they thought about it they might have put them in something else. :lol: Actually didn't they get some new wardrobe people a few months ago?
The very fact that so many of us see the similarities suggests something..... Just not impressed. Safe is no EJAMI. Never will be, and no forcefeeding will change that. We don't like it. We don't want it. We won't watch it. And for those who do, enjoy!
I really don't see the similarities between Safe and Ejami, except for the color of clothing they are wearing. Safe's love story is nothing like Ejami except that Sami is in both equations; however, the Sami with Rafe is not the same Sami who was with Ej.

Thank you. I will be one of those enjoying the Safe love making scenes very much. :wub: :wub: Is it Tuesday yet?
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