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May 17 2009, 04:34 AM
May 16 2009, 11:54 PM
Hmm...never expected this but I did expect a Sunset Beach or Passions actor to win the role.

I liked Stabile on Sunset Beach but not on Passions. He's not bad. I will give him a chance. I do think he has a Jeremy look to him. Of course, there are other actors I would prefer but whatever.

We'll see if this happens. I don't know if I like him for Melanie though.
Do we really know for sure he will be playing the new Horton from the casting call? Because someone showed me Molly´s twitter recently and she posted something about going to screen test just a few days ago, so I would suppose that casting is still in progress.
Good point. However, the only other role we know they are casting for is the father of Mia's baby and I can't see Stabilie playing him as he would be too old to have done something with Mia. So, I tend to think this is for the role of the Horton we've been hearing about. No one has been casted yet so Stabile may have just tested for the role. I would give him a chance but there are others I would prefer.
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