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^ Actually, I'm starting to like MB better then SH. Maybe its because MB was shoved down my throat and you could tell this is her first (or one of the first) jobs in Daytime. Then, you had her in this super juicy SL- having the AFP, a multi-million dollar project and you have the leading men falling to her feet, vying for her attention and her signing over the AFP. At least EJ wasn't "daydreaming" over her. Finally, you get her with Brady and she kisses him?? HUH?

But now, I feel she's an asset to days because she has calmed down the facial smirks and gestures and has settled. I really enjoy her scenes with Max. I also like her flirtiness with Phil and her talks with Brady.

However, I dont think there's a man on canvas now for her character. I'm glad that they're bringing one for her.

As for SH, I think its the case that the material sucks for her and a better actress can make something out of it, but she unfortunately cannot. I did like her scenes at the hospital w/Melanie, but she lacks a certain depth to that character. I'm still waiting for her to rise pass the constant walking out on Phil material that she has to play.
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