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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Wes Fan
May 19 2009, 11:37 AM
May 16 2009, 11:57 AM
So not only have they chosen the EJAMI lovemaking date, they dressed RAFE in a BLACK shirt too!!!
Is it 1 year to the date since EJami made love? That's tacky but then again, Dena is ~ well ~ okay, not going there. Didn't EJ show up in a black wifebeater his first day? Now Rafe has one when he makes love sleeps with Sami. Do they save money recycling scripts? Is Grace going to cry and interupt them like Johnny did with EJ and Sami? My satelite is off for now so I won't see today's ep, I guess DirecTV picked a good day to turn me off.
Yes EJ showed up in a black wifebeater his first day. That's also what he was wearing when he made love to Sami last year and she was wearing a pink ensemble.

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I bet that Rafe is even wearing the same exact black wifebeater given how cheap DOOL seems to be with the clothes these days.

That said, even though I'm an EJami fan I don't really care what clothes Safe are wearing before they have sex or that they've chosen this specific date for the sex. I still wouldn't want Sami and Rafe sleeping together regardless so no point for me getting worked up about the other factors involved.

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