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"There will be a lot of romance and a big upturn in the Sami/Rafe/Nicole/EJ story," says Ken Corday. [All quotes below are from Corday.]

Sami/Rafe/Nicole/EJ: There is a "tragic turn of events" which makes it even more important for Sami to learn the truth about the baby switch. There are "explosive secrets" revealed, and "the repercussions are devastating" for these four characters. Nicole's guilt gets to her, and that leads her to betray EJ and help Sami. Sami begins to investigate Rafe's past, and we see another side to him.

Philip/Stephanie: Philip saves Stephanie from Owen, but she's traumatized and "secretly turns to pills for comfort". Stephanie must choose between Philip and her family. She is unable to accept Philip's lifestyle and breaks up with him for good.

Bo/Hope: Hope makes a generous charity donation which "garners a lot of unwanted publicity", and it is also noticed by a "mysterious person".

Daniel/Chloe/Kate: Kate catches Daniel and Chloe in a "compromising position", and Kate plans again for revenge. She plots to poison Chloe and frame Daniel.

Melanie/Nathan: Maggie's grandson Nathan, Melissa and Pete's son, is played by newcomer Mark Hapka. He moves in with Maggie and Mickey, and he is a first-year intern at University Hospital. "Sparks fly when he meets Melanie and learns they'll be living under the same roof."

Mia/Will/Chad: "We'll be seeing more of the teens this summer." Mia works at the Java Café, and she moves in with Maggie. Her ex-boyfriend Chad, played by newcomer Casey Jon Deidrick, is the father of her baby. He comes to Salem, and he doesn't know she was pregnant.

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