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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Thanks for posting Ellie!

Wow I am not sure that I like much about a lot of these.

A great big WTF to the Rafe/Sami/EJ/Nicole stuff. Why on earth would Nicole betray EJ for Sami at this point given all that she has done to this point to keep them apart and keep her actions a secret and given how much she hates Sami? I mean how would that even happen when this whole baby switch deal is NICOLE'S DOING, not EJ's?!?! This whole thing came about because Nicole didn't have the guts to tell EJ the truth that his baby died and now suddenly he's the villain in the baby switch ordeal? Oh that's going to piss me off something fierce if that is how this plays out. The only way I could buy this development for Nicole is if somehow Sami was able to blackmail Nicole into helping her (which actually would be interesting). Hope the other side to Rafe is actually interesting unlike this one.

Meh to that being the resolution of Phillip and Stephanie. Not really looking forward to seeing Stephanie drugging it up, but I guess it's good that they aren't getting married with Stephanie not having Steve to walk her down the aisle. And I hope that doesn't mean we're Phillip-less just because they are breaking up Phinie for a while. Also where are Victor and Stefano? Sounds like the feud fizzles out after the climax with Owen I guess. Hmmm. Hope that was just an oversight for them not to be mentioned.

I wonder if Hope makes her charitable donation in Zack's name after what happens with Grace. That would make sense for her to be affected by what happens. Curious about this mysterious person watching them and much more interested in this sort of story for them than Bo's visions.

WTF at Kate being back to revenge? Why did they stop/slow down the Kate revenge story only to have her back to plotting murder all over again? And poor poor Lucas. Poor poor chronically cuckolded Lucas. Chloe cheats on him and the story isn't even about him AT ALL. Very bummed that it doesn't sound like Lucas has any role at all in the baby switch story and that it doesn't appear that they found a way to tie everything together when that opportunity was just staring them in the face right here.

Glad they didn't decide to pair that older ex-Passions, ex-SuBe guy to be Melanie's love interest but actually Maggie's grandson. It's a nice touch that they had those scenes a week or so ago with Maggie mentioning Melissa and Sarah to set up this. But LOL at this new guy, Melanie and Mia all apparently living at Maggie's Boarding House.
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