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Please link to DR.

This week's SOD and SOW each feature an interview with Eric Martsolf.

Brady tries to convince Philip and Victor to "forgive and forget", says Martsolf, but they are not receptive. Brady wants to get to the bottom of what's happening with Stephanie, so he goes to talk to Bo about it. Victor sees this as a betrayal. Martsolf says that Brady doesn't have any concrete information to tell Bo, other than that Brady thinks that something will happen. But in the end, that does get the police involved, and they arrive on the pier to break up the prisoner swap.

When the police come, Philip gets away, but EJ is arrested. After this, Victor and Brady "have a huge confrontation", says Martsolf, "and Victor ends up disowning him and throwing him out on his butt." Martsolf says that Brady is not surprised, because Brady understands how the Kiriakis family works. "To his credit, he stands up for himself, but the result is a divided family."

SOW then continues that in the middle of all this, Brady asks Nicole about Stephanie's whereabouts, and then Brady tells Nicole that Mia lied to Will. Martsolf says that Brady "seems to be flip-flopping about keeping secrets", because he wants Nicole to tell EJ the truth, but he's fine with Mia keeping her secret from Will.

Meanwhile, Melanie figures out that Owen may have Stephanie. Melanie does some investigating, and she finds out that Owen's father works at a morgue. Melanie and Philip hatch a plan to get Philip into the morgue to see if Stephanie is there. Martsolf says that Brady gets involved in this, because he thinks that Philiip is plotting something, so he "basically follows Philip and Melanie all around town". The three plan to get hospital attendants to help them put Philip in a body bag and get him into the morgue, but Owen finds them and knocks Brady unconscious.

Brady and Melanie then end up locked in the Kiriakis mausoleum together. [Neither SOD nor SOW explain how this comes about.] Martsolf laughs and says that the mausoleum is a place "where supposedly no one has been for many, many years, yet somehow there are beautiful fresh flowers all over the place." Martsolf continues that Brady's mother Isabella is entombed there, and this "creates a whole new dynamic where he gets to investigate his feelings for his mother, who he never knew." Brady "has time to sit around and think about his mother in the very room she's buried in."

SOW then asks Martsolf if anything happens between Brady and Melanie while they're trapped. Martsolf says that "I never know what's going on with [Brady and Melanie], but you can't expect love to bloom in a mausoleum." He continues, "Personally, I think they're better as friends. What am I, like 80 years older than she is?"

Meanwhile, Philip ends up in the drawer next to Stephanie, and he hears her crying for help...

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