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Wes Fan

May 21 2009, 05:17 PM
Wes Fan
May 21 2009, 02:39 PM
May 21 2009, 05:54 AM
No comparison at all. This one was a love scene not one where Sami runs out when the man she really loves turns up. She didn't need to do that this time as she was already with the only man she really wanted to be with. :makeout:
When you attempt to use the quotes, don't attribute a quote to someone who didn't say it. It's not fair to either poster involved.

I don't think Sami loves Rafe. I've essentially given up all shipping when it comes to this soap. I hate EJole, I don't like EJ now so I don't want him with Sami, and Safe is boring. Dena is obviously trying to recreate Brami with Safe and it's not working. Love GG but he and Ali don't have any of the chemistry she and Matt had. I mean, seriously Dena, you even have the sister who hates Sami. How recycled can you get?
Sorry ~I don't understand what your saying about using quotes and attributimg them to the wrong person? I didn't think this was what I did?
You made it seem like I said: It seems in that promo they are slapping the Ejami's in the face. Same color clothing same day almost like it was done on purpose dang it probably was done on purpose. and I didn't. That was someone else but you made it a quote from me. I didn't even know about the colors or the promo ~ I have no television at the moment.

If you look back Sindacco said what you quoted, not me; but you made it seem like I said it.
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