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May 23 2009, 09:42 AM
* Non-Horton involved in Hope's storyline
*Love interest for Nicole
*Recast Mike Horton

Typical Baby Brady. She peddles several conflicting rumors at once and on the off chance that one of them proves accurate, claims she predicted it all along.

Thanks for the love Ponz! I originally heard he was going to be Mia's dad and he was going to go looking for Mia with Nicole when Mia is supposedly going to kidnap Sydney later this summer after Grace dies. If you noticed, I posted about Grace dying on my site on April 15, way before anyone else posted about it. Also, I did not post this over here, LovingDays did, so I don't appreciate the slam when I did not post this here to begin with and only posted about the two new hunks. People like you seem to like to slam me but I have been around for like 6 years now and if this is "typical" me and all I do is "predict" things, then call me Celeste as you can ask anyone from my board, I have a dang good track record! :) The main problem with people like you who love to slam me is I don't post my spoilers on boards like these because of this and all you are doing is hurting the members of this board who may actually want a slice of my "inside" information.
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